How I Help A Toronto Spin Studio Increase Sign-Ups Using Facebook and Instagram

Client: 6ix Cycle, Toronto Spin Studio

Goal: Increase awareness and number of sign ups to a two-week trial

Target Audience: Toronto residents who live within a 2km radius of the studio

Platforms Utilized: Instagram and Facebook

Advertising Objective: Website Clicks

Results: Broke-even on advertising spend, meaning the campaign made more money on new sign-ups than was spent on social media advertisements

The Backstory:

6ix Cycle is a Toronto-based spin studio located on Queen Street West in Toronto that opened its doors just over a year ago. This winter I (not so elegantly and super randomly) approached the owner and asked if they needed help building a social media strategy.

Julie, the co-owner, was open to my help as the studio had previously tried some Facebook ads but was having a hard time navigating the system and understanding results. No one on their team had experience with the advertising platform and to a foreigner it can be quite difficult to use. Since then, I have been helping 6ix Cycle spread awareness and increase sign-ups through Facebook and Instagram. Here's a look at how I built out my first campaign with them.

Step 1: Choosing the right social media platform

When I began working with 6ix Cycle, they had already nailed down their organic content strategy, sharing content regularly with their followers on Instagram and Facebook. The decision as to which platforms I would create ads for was already made - phew!

Step 2: Determining the target audience

This step was the easiest because 6ix Cycle knows their clientele well and could provide me with insights into their age range, location and general interests. Based on this information, I was able to extrapolate and build an audience through Facebook’s audience building tool.

The most significant factor in determining who the ads would be served to was their location or how far the studio's current members were traveling to get there. In 6ix Cycle’s case, members largely lived within close proximity to the studio. With this in mind and to ensure I made the most of the budget available, I decided to focus in on the studio’s immediate location, targeting potential new clients who live within a 2 kilometer radius.

Step 3: Deciding on the offer

As a result of the studio's organic social media strategy, they had built significant followings on both Facebook and Instagram. The content performance there helped me glean insight into what type of imagery and messaging was getting the most engagement from their followers. I combined those learnings with what I learned from speaking with the studio owners and current clientele - what brought them to the studio? Was it the workout (#bootybyjulie)? The instructors (obviously!)? Or maybe because on Friday mornings they gave out coffee and donuts (double yes)?

What we decided the major draw was, and also potentially an under-communicated point, was the two-week trial. For a flat rate of $60, new riders could enjoy two weeks of unlimited classes. Bam - there was our headline! The workout, the instructors and the coffee & donuts are what keep riders coming back for more. 

With the messaging nailed down, it was time to create the ads! Using 30+ combinations of images, headlines and emojis, I created ad units for Facebook and Instagram. Over time, I narrowed in on the top performing combinations, funneling the budget towards the ones that were most effective. Those units are now used regularly by the studio as an "always on" campaign. 


How do I track performance and calculate ROI? Send me a note or ask in the comments below! 

Example Facebook Ads: 

Example Instagram Ads: