The Platform Guide to Social Media Advertising

Building out a multi-platform (or heck, even a single-platform) social media strategy can be difficult. There's more than a handful of options to choose from and not every one of them will be effective at accomplishing your advertising goals.

Before choosing which social media channel is right for your marketing plan, you should already know the following three things: (1) who your target audience is; (2) how much money you have available and; (3) what product or content you are promoting. Once these three boxes have been checked off, use this guide to direct your strategy.

The information listed has been compiled directly from my social media advertising experience over the last year. My hope is that this will become your go-to guide as you develop any social program! And, as my experience grows, so will this list.

Without further ado...


  • A Reddit ad looks very similar to a regular Reddit post except for the “promoted post” label, which tells users it’s a paid piece of content

  • Ads on Reddit can be targeted by either subreddit or interest

  • Reddit is the 5th most trafficked website in Canada after Facebook (#4) but before Twitter (#7). The website has the highest time spent of ANY website listed in the top 50

  • Reddit ads only run on a “cost per 1,000 impression” (CPM) basis, which range between $2 and $5

  • Reddit has the option to run video ads but you must have a minimum $50K to spend


  • 64% of active Instagram users worldwide are between the ages of 18 and 34

  • Visual platform, hence the creative (image or video) is very important (no stock photos!)

  • CPCs are notoriously high for Instagram in-feed ad placements

  • Instagram stories are an under-utilized advertising avenue; one of the cheaper options for driving clicks on the platform

  • Instagram is more than twice as popular as any other channel for Influencer marketing, according to the Launch Metrics 2018 report

  • Average cost-per-click range between $1 - $2



  • 57% of active Facebook users worldwide are between the ages of 18 and 34

  • Facebook provides access to the broadest age group of active users through targeted ads, spanning both millennials and baby boomers

  • Effective advertising options for hyper-targeted campaign; ability to reduce area served to a 1 mile radius

  • Offers a variety of advertising objectives including: app installs, website clicks, video views, reach, engagements

  • Average cost-per-click around $1.00



  • 22% of users are between 13 and 18 years of age

  • Snapchat provides access to youngest demographic (23 and under)

  • Advertising creative works best if in video format

  • Ability to interact one-on-one with target audiences through lenses and geo-filters

  • Average cost-per-click between $0.10 and $0.70



  • Access to niche, industry level targeting by job title, company name, skill set, education, pervious employment

  • Post-campaign data is very specific, listing engagements by company, job title, industry and more

  • Most expensive platform to advertise on with the average cost-per-click between $5 and $8



  • Most suitable platform for for awareness, clicks and engagement-based campaigns

  • Effective platform for targeting those interested in politics, environment, technology

  • Cost-per-click hovers around $1.00 or less